Classroom Teachers:  Please filter these sites for appropriate content before showing them to your students!  Some sites are updated daily or weekly and may have new images.


This is a cloud based video hosting service for art content and has been called the “YouTube of the arts”.

This is an online database of museum-quality fine art which indexes 2,900 art sites, links to around 160,000 works by 9,000 artists.

Art Lesson Plans
Lesson Plans in the Visual Arts.

With over 3,600 art terms, ArtLex is an all-inclusive art dictionary. This handy website is a great reference for artists, students, and educators.

This is a web-based artist collective of more than 450 artists, poets, musicians, painters, sculptors, animators, hacker artists, and other creative people from around the world, aimed at helping artists share their works on the Internet.

Art Quotations
This is a large collection of art quotations.

Art Source
A gathering point for networked resources on Art and Architecture.

Art Studio Chalkboard
The Art Studio Chalkboard assists artists with the technical fundamentals of painting and drawing. Created specifically for art students, this online source teaches shading, color, and perspective.

Arts Ed net
Lesson plans and curriculum ideas, image galleries, and exhibitions from the Getty.

DeviantArt (NOTE: SOME INNAPROPRIATE SUBJECT MATTER- USE WITH DISCRETION)  This  is the largest art website on the internet which aims to provide a place for any artist to exhibit and discuss art works. Works cover a comprehensive category including photography, digital art, traditional art, literature, Flash, filmmaking, skins for applications, and others.

DreamsTime   online stock photos
DreamsTime is an online stock photography warehouse that sells images for as little as 20 cents or free. More than five million images are available.

This is a large handmade online marketplace where you can buy and sell andmade or vintage items, art and supplies.  Perhaps it is the most useful site in regard to helping artists and craftsmen sell their works.

Just as the name implies, Free Stock Photos is an excellent resource to find photos for digital projects. Photos include a variety of landscapes–from weather and flowers to Athens and Egypt.

Home School Arts
An extensive resource for parents and teachers.

The Incredible Art Department
This site has Lessons, Art Stuff, Toolbox, Great Sites, Cartoons, Careers in Art, News, Art Rooms, Community, Pet Peeves, Supplies.  An amazing source for tons of Art Teacher Lesson plans!  The site is searchable by: Grade level, Medium, Subject, Art Period, Artist, Integration!

This is a social network is a popular online community for international digitaland fine art artists. The network’s websites provide free of charge graphic design content and information and promote modern digital multimedia & computer art.

Keep the Arts in School
An arts advocacy site.

MorgueFile is a free public image archive. Art students can find loads of high resolution images that can be used for personal or commercial projects.

This is a social network for art professionals, and has been described as a Myspace for artists.

National Gallery of Art Teacher Exchange
Teacher exchange and interdisciplinary curriculum ideas from Alumni of the National Gallery of Art Teacher Institute.

Open Education Database
This is a free resource with information on a myriad of topics.

Photography and Art
In-depth photography lesson plans from Kodak.
Tutorials on Photoshop software.

Saatchi Art Gallery
Saatchi  is a worldwide online art gallery. The site was created for art students who want to meet others around the globe, display work, and get critiques.

Scholastic Art
This is the online version of the magazine.  Contains digital issues and videos and other interactive resources.
A comprehensive website for teachers.

These are a few of our favorite things…
Two teachers from Florida share their favorite websites, technology, and software.

Tutorialized is a tutorial website loaded with thousands of free tutorials for Photoshop and Flash. Students can find tutorials that range from the basics to creating web layouts.

is a place to buy original paintings and photographs by top emerging artists. If you are an artist still have not earned the big fame, it is a good idea for you to sell on Ugallery.

Virtual Collection of Masterpieces
This is an international internet project created and maintained by 100 Asian European Museums.


A-Z Art Junction – HEART Collage 
Just in time for Valentine’s Day! American artist, Jim Dine created a series of artwork using the “heart” shape as a symbol of his love for his wife, Nancy.  Learn how to create your own “heart” series using this website.

Art Kids Rule
A fun interactive painting program on the Internet.

Art Safari – Museum of Modern Art, New York 
Explore the theme of animals in art through the work in the Museum of Modern Art. Take a “journey”—and adventure in looking at art.

Art Treasure Hunt
This virtual treasure hunt is designed to offer kids an opportunity to search
and explore the World Wide Web for information about art and artists.

Art Trivia
Interesting art trivia facts that are fun to share with children and adults.

Artist Trading Cards
Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) are miniature works of art, usually done on card
stock, that are traded between artists. They can be about anything and made with any media, materials, or techniques. They can be produced as one-of-a-kind originals, in limited editions, or in a series based on a particular theme or subject. It’s all up to the individual artist. The rules for ATCs are simple.

A comprehensive Web-based arts experience designed for middle school students, covering the visual and performing arts.

A fun flash-based paint program from Have fun creating art!

Artsology Postcards
Free e-postcards, to which you can add your own text and send to your friends and family!

Artsology Hangman
Hangman – the classic game with figures from the arts.

Asian Art Museum of San Francisco
Learn more about Asian art and cultural traditions with these fun, hands-on art projects you can make at home.

Bean Stalk
How would you like to work with other kids to create a picture book? Maybe you would like to draw pictures for someone’s story. Bean Stalk is a cyber cooperated picture book.

A fun interactive website where you can create pictures using patterns that you create with buttons, pointing and clicking.

Building Surprises
Learn about the architectural design process at this site from the Weisman Art Museum. You can explore this building designed by Frank Gehry and learn about the design process. You can also learn more about Frank Gehry who also designed  the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain and the new Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles.

Learn about the basics of cartoon animation. Easy to use tutorials will help you understand the concepts of frame by frame animation.

Children’s Museum of Indianapolis – Fireworks of Glass 
The largest permanent sculpture of blown glass by renowned artist Dale Chihuly.  Learn how glass is blown and create your own sculpture online.

Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose – Secrets of Circles
Experiment with colors, circles and motion at this interactive website that
includes Circles of Light, Ripple Table and Kaleidoscope.

Color Test
See if your right brain and left brain are working together. Select the COLOR of the word not the word.

Color With Leo
Explore the world of art through interactive games, hands-on activities, and
lessons with a young Leonardo da Vinci.

Color Your Profile
Children and adults can color objects and then have their work graded for color symbolism. This is more of an exercise in color symbolism rather than

Color, Contrast and Dimension
Does the color blue make you feel blue? This website is an interactive color experience with an online guide that explains color theory and shows how to use it in design through examples and exercises. Play with colors to understand their effects and learn now to use them effectively in design.

Curious Corner
Several online art games by the Art Institute of Chicago. See the mask maker, cornell boxes, create portraits, and match shapes, textures, and sounds.

Design a House in 3D with Frank Lloyd Wright
On this site, you can design a house, walk through it in 3D, then share it with the world. You can also learn more about architecture, past and present, and explore Frank Lloyd Wright’s life and work.

Did You Know – Art Facts
Learn interesting facts about famous people in the arts.

Discover Design
Design is everywhere. This interactive resource for teachers and students will stimulate critical and creative approaches to design and help you make the most of visiting the site.

Draw a Stickman
Draw a custom stickman and watch him come to life in this interactive stickman adventure.

A fun drawing “toy” from Ze Frank. Use the animated tools and make your drawing spring to life.

Earth 350
350 EARTH will be the first-ever global scale group show on the front line of climate change. People around the world are invited to take part by attending  events, submitting their own art, and spreading the word about the project.

Earth as Art Gallery
See how scientific photos of the world can look much like abstract or non-representational art. View our planet through the beautiful images taken by the Landsat-7 satellite and the Terra Satellite’s Advanced Spaceborne Thermal  Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER). This gallery of images uses the visceral avenue of art to convey the thrilling perspective of the Earth that satellites provide to the viewer.

Ed Emberley Website
Ed Emberley has written more than 80 children’s books, many of which are about drawing. This fun and interactive website provides a short biography of Emberley, animated drawing lessons, and activities for children.

Free Rice
Answer questions about famous artists and for each answer you get right, they donate 20 grains of rice through the United Nations World Food Program.

 Frisco kids 
This is a comprehensive guide to kid friendly events and trips around the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Check out their great ideas for what to do with all the artwork coming home from school.

Getty Games – Detail Detectives
Test your detail finding skills in this games. Subjects include creatures,
architecture, body parts, and swanky surfaces.

Test your memory, play detective, or solve a puzzle in online games with Getty art!

Graffiti Artist
Have fun creating a colorful and balanced collage picture!

Use this fun website to play online hangman using artists’ names.

Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History 
Learn about Pablo Picasso and see his artworks.

Important Women Artists
Check out this list starting with the earliest known woman artist to the latest and see samples of their work.

Inside Art 
Explore a painting as an art historian would. This interactive website takes you on an adventure, discovering secrets about paintings.

Create jigsaw puzzles from your own artwork or from others works of art.

Keith Haring
Artist Keith Haring was devoted to kids. This site shares his vision of art with kids and inspires them to discover their own creative side. Activities include games, puzzles, pictures to color, stories and more.

Online activities for students. Lots to see and do on this site, art, music, and more.

Kids Art Top Ten Museums
Visit an art museum on the Internet. KidsArt brings you links to our favorite children’s web presentations from museums around the U.S.

Kids’Space – Gallery 
Do you wonder what kids in Japan like to draw. You can find out on this site.  How cool is that? Submit artwork to this site and kids from across the world can see it!

ETV’s educational collection of fun, interactive websites for K-12 students, teachers, and parents. Click on Artopia to explore the arts and create your own online portfolio.

Make Beliefs Comix 
Have fun creating your own comic strips. Select from 10 fun characters with different moods and write words for blank talk and thought balloons to make the characters talk and think.

Matisse Cutouts by Abrakadoodle
Create paintings with Matisee-like paper cutouts.

Metropolitan Museum of Art – Aaron’s Awesome Adventure
A college friend wrote this story about a boy who visits the Metropolitan Museum to tell kids that looking at art can be fun.

Mobile Maker
Mobiles look graceful and weightless as they glide through the air. Try you hand at this interactive website to see if you can make create a mobile and balance it.

My Imaginary City 
The UK’s Tate Museum has a link that lets students create an imaginary city…your own virtual world is only a few clicks away.

National Geographic
Looking for a photography contest for your child. Submit your child’s work of art to the International Photography Contest 2009 by November 2,2009.

National Postal Museum: Art of the Stamp
Think you have an idea for a stamp? Try your hand at illustrating your own stamp. Read about the artwork on stamps and then design your own stamp after downloading a stamp template from the site.

NGA Kids – Seasaws
Create an animated scene and build your own characters using photographs of  found objects.

NGAkids- SwatchBox
Use this site as a tool for mixing and drawing with millions of colors.

NGAkids– Dutch Dollhouse
Paintings by well-known 17th-century artists come to life while mixing and matching colorful characters, creating decorative objects, and exploring the kitchen, living quarters, artist’s studio, and courtyard of this interactive site.

Create your own online sketches and see the sketches of others. You can also view a slide show of sketches in action.

Optics for Kids
Test your brain at the gallery of optical illusions! You can also find at-home activities, explore the field of optics (the science of light) past and
present, and explore the work of scientists at this site of the Optical Society of America.

Classic Gaming Meets Modern Art! Pac-Mondrian closes the perceptual distance between fine art and video games by combining Piet Mondrian’s Modernist masterpiece ‘Broadway Boogie Woogie’ with Toru Iwatani’s classic video game Pac-Man.

PBS – The American Masters Game
The American Masters are more connected than you may think! Choose two Masters from the pull-down menus below to see how they’re related

Picturing Women
A Web exhibit exploring historical and contemporary representations and self-representations of women – how they are figured, fashioned, turned into portraits, and told about in words and pictorial narrative.

Pigment Through the Ages
A great site that tells where we get pigment for paints and what the colors mean in different cultures.

Pop Art- The Artists You Should Know
The term “Pop Art” is derived from the use of popular culture as a creative art form. Learn more about Pop Art artists.

Portrait for Kids 
Follow clues and help solve a mystery! Use special spyglass tool to uncover hidden layers of the painting and learn fascinating facts about the portrait along the way, from the National Gallery of Art.

Sanford- Art Adventures
Explore the world of art and artists through our interactive timeline and glossary. Learn about the color wheel, the elements and principles of art, and much more.

Sanford- Carmine’s Landscape Adventure 
Join Carmine Chameleon and explore paintings to learn about mood, depth, time of day and weather in landscapes. Create your own landscapes, too!

Sanford ArtEdventures – From Cave Art to Your Art 
“Meet” various contemporary artists. View video clips and make a video of your own.

Secret Builders –  “Help the Kelp” Contest
Art in Action is proud to partner with Secret Builders, WildPlanet Toy Company and the Monterey Bay Aquarium to bring a cool, virtual world, coloring contest to young artists everywhere. Enter a virtual underwater scene, learn about sea creatures, and color the scene. Have FUN, be creative, and win great prizes (Grand Prize = $100 cash!!)

Shakespeare vs. Britney Spears- What is Art?
What makes something a great work of art? Which artists have produced the world’s greatest art? In this interactive investigation, see what philosophers have said about these questions, make your contribution and apply your decisions to help rate the work of ten artists. Pit two artists of your choice against each other in a head-to-head fight to see which artist has created the best works of art.

Shel Silverstein 
Watch a sampling of Silverstein’s poetry come to life while watching animations of his wacky characters.

Learn the language of art, explore art materials, and unravel clues about the history of selected artworks. Visit an artist’s studio and make your own art on this cool site.

Smithsonian’s Meet Me at Midnight
Meet Me at Midnight features expeditions to return artwork back were it belongs. Use clues to discover where the artwork should be. Learn about the different types of art.

Students of the World
This website is an open window on the World’s Cultures. It has educational games, among other things, which gives insight on how others live around the world.

Tappi Paper University
Visit this interactive website where students and teachers explore the world of paper. Topics include the history of paper, how paper is made, and how to make handmade paper.

The Art Institue of Chicago — Art Access
These online art activities for families will help students and their families enjoy and discover the many works of art in the collection of The Art Institute of Chicago.

The Global Children’s Art Gallery
This site features 1,050 pictures by children from 67 countries. Browse all the pictures, and order prints, posters, greeting cards and clothing to support our work. Choose from over 1,000 pictures in this gallery or send your own.

The Impressionist: Paint Pictures Online 
A free online paint program that lets you create a painted representation of a photograph. It does this by sampling colors from the source image and then
drawing brush strokes onto the canvas. Choose a photo or painting to paint with impressionist-style brush strokes.

The Joy of Shards Mosaics Resource
Learn about the history of mosaics, mosaic techniques, and see images of mosaics from across the globe.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art — The Dancers and Degas
Join special guests on a visit to the galleries and find out what dancers can tell us about Edgar Degas. Listen, look, and create your own sketch in this fun activity for all ages.

The Rudiments Of Wisdom Encyclopedia
Thousands of cartoons covering almost everything there is to know about art and architecture. Topics include artists, modern art, painting, and much more!

The Ultimate Guide to Optical Illusions
Learn more about different types of optical illusions in these very comprehensive and interactive website.

What is a Print?
Learn the art of print making from the Museum of Modern Art.

Where Science Meets Art
A Morning Edition series from National Public Radio explores the unexpected intersections of two seemingly different disciplines — art and science.

World Myths and Legends in Art
This is a great website hosted by the Minneapolis Institute of Arts to “Explore Art by Culture.”

Yale University’s Schoolhouse – Match Game
A game you’ll never forget. Flip the cards over and match up the images. Come to the Gallery to see the real artworks.