Building Bridges through Education and the Arts

April 2018

The Alliance for Arts Education in Manitoba (AAEM) is pleased to host the ARTSPARK 2018: Building Bridges through education and the arts on April 13th, 2018.

Through various artistic activities and focused discussions, ARTSPARK participants will:

  • Collaboratively explore and express ideas about the value of the arts in their learning and development as individuals and citizens;
  • Participate in artistic workshops that explore the use of the arts as a powerful tools to build bridges between cultures, genders, and so on;
  • Have an opportunity to share their ideas and creations with key stakeholders in the arts and education such as arts educators, administrators, and professionals in the arts community; and
  • Take in the keynote address by Kevin Lamoureux and performances by Emilie McKinney and Nadia & Jason Burnstick.

Facilitators for ARTSPARK will include Arts Educators from the AAEM board, as well as the following Guest Artists:

  • Tanja Woloshen: Dance artist, choreographer, educator; org
  • Hope McIntyre: Artistic Director of Sarasvati Productions;
  • Erica Wilson: Indigenous Performer
  • Donna Garofalo: Visual artist and Potter
  • And moreā€¦