Sounding the Drum-drum Circles

February 2018


Creative Manitoba and Manitoba Moon Voices has partnered to create regular opportunities to honour the knowledge, art, and music of our Indigenous Culture. This bi-weekly event includes guest speakers, artists, elders, and musicians. A great opportunity for students and teachers!

Children’s Programming @ WSO

February 2018

The symphony is not just for adults, there are so many opportunities to introduce children and students to a unique cultural experience.

From playing a live soundtrack of a Charlie Chaplin film or the Wizard of Oz, to shows by children’s entertainers like Al Simmons and Mr. Mark and Manny Tuba go to the birds!

There are plenty of ways for kids to get involved with hands on crafts and sing-a-longs!

Check out their website for more details.

Alliance for Arts Education in Manitoba

February 2018

The Alliance for Arts Education in Manitoba (AAEM) is a non-profit organization committed to expanding opportunities in the arts for Manitoba students, youth, and community members.

We are a coalition of educators, arts organizations and community members whose goal is to affect the public will with regard to the importance of arts education.

AAEM believes that a strong and healthy society cherishes and sustains its artistic culture, and that a rich education in and through the arts should be part of every Manitoba student’s development.




Me We Everybody

January 2018

Join Art City as they exhibit work created as collaborative projects based on practices of guest artists! The ‘Me We Everybody’ theme of this exhibit about community, empathy, understanding, and inspiration sounds amazing!

Opening January 11, 7-10

Exhibit runs January 11 – February 3

Click here for more details!



Fun Winter Activities!

December 2017


Remember when you were a kid and winter didn’t stop you from playing outside? You’d simply bundle up and enter the wintery wonderland to build a fort or a snowman, go tobagging, skating, or just trek through the snow like an arctic explorer!

Being creative requires us to tap into the playfulness of being a kid again. And Manitoba has so many fantastic ways to enjoy winter!

Be adventurous and try even one this winter season!

Fun Winter Activities in and around Winnipeg

Or take in some winter festivals all around Manitoba!

Winter festivals in Manitoba


Holiday Crafts

December 2017

Christmas is the perfect time to get crafty! Whether it’s with the kids or just for yourself.

You can use the snow and ice to make creative snow sculptures and candle holders, create holiday inspired crafts, or make outdoor ornaments to feed the birds!

There’s so much inspiration to be found in the cold holiday season!

Check out this link with a few really great holiday craft ideas.

Community Programs at WECC

September 2017

Did you know that Winnipeg’s West End Cultural Centre offers many fantastic creative programs for free?

Music programs for kids, art workshops, and yoga!

Whether your kids want to express their creativity or you need to unwind so that you can be more present and creative, there are opportunities for everyone.

Check out their monthly calender here.

Norway House Drama

June 2017

The community of Norway House faces some unique challenges. But with the help of a drama program these students find a way to express their concerns and find hope.

ArtSpark Concert Highlights

June 2017

What a night! The ArtSpark Concert in October 2015 was a celebration in support of vibrant arts education in Manitoba, and we are grateful for all of the support of attendees, performers, and speakers!

“In this province I feel like we all have responsibilities as educators, as neighbours, and as relatives to ensure that we provide opportunities for young people to feel like they belong, and that’s what art can do.”
— Michael Redhead Champagne

“By giving students a chance to welcome chaos, to challenge their own assumptions, to take risks, to create from a place of not knowing, to move forward into the unknown — I may not help them to become artists, but I definitely help them become human.”
— Debbie Patterson

AAEM Annual General Meeting

June 2017

Join us for our annual general meeting on June 20. Wine and Cheese with entertainment by the Teenage Bears, Charmaine Bacon on flute, and Blair Burns on Cello. Come out and support arts education in Manitoba!

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