Children’s Programming @ WSO

February 2018

The symphony is not just for adults, there are so many opportunities to introduce children and students to a unique cultural experience.

From playing a live soundtrack of a Charlie Chaplin film or the Wizard of Oz, to shows by children’s entertainers like Al Simmons and Mr. Mark and Manny Tuba go to the birds!

There are plenty of ways for kids to get involved with hands on crafts and sing-a-longs!

Check out their website for more details.

Fun Winter Activities!

December 2017


Remember when you were a kid and winter didn’t stop you from playing outside? You’d simply bundle up and enter the wintery wonderland to build a fort or a snowman, go tobagging, skating, or just trek through the snow like an arctic explorer!

Being creative requires us to tap into the playfulness of being a kid again. And Manitoba has so many fantastic ways to enjoy winter!

Be adventurous and try even one this winter season!

Fun Winter Activities in and around Winnipeg

Or take in some winter festivals all around Manitoba!

Winter festivals in Manitoba


Community Programs at WECC

September 2017

Did you know that Winnipeg’s West End Cultural Centre offers many fantastic creative programs for free?

Music programs for kids, art workshops, and yoga!

Whether your kids want to express their creativity or you need to unwind so that you can be more present and creative, there are opportunities for everyone.

Check out their monthly calender here.

Festival du Voyageur

July 2017

Embrace winter by attending our cities incredible annual winter festival! Festival du Voyageur celebrates our unique French heritage with so much creativity and fun! Art, crafts, music, exhibits, and festivities.

Children under 12 get in for free!

FEB 16 – 25 FEV

Sarasvati Productions presents One Night Stand

June 2017

One Night Stand  honours female playwrites and gives local writers a chance to show new material to Winnipeg audiences.

Don’t miss the first one of the season. So many fantastic local playwrites and special guest Judith Thompson!

Join this exciting event on September 23 at 7pm.

Click here for details.

Mission Potluck

April 2017

One Trunk Theatre presents a musical comedy, devised ensemble piece. Join these talented ladies June 14-15 for a unique local theatre experience!

Visit their website for more details.

Proutopia 2017

April 2017

Come out and enjoy Proutopia! An art village near Winnipeg Beach with plenty of local art, craft, music, and fun on 5 acres of land! June 10-11.

Click here for more details.


Wolseley’s Envision Festival of the Arts

April 2017

Celebrate the Arts in the heart of Wolesely! May 12 from 7-10pm and Saturday, May 13 from 11-5pm to see amazing visual art, artisans, performances, literary art and FREE workshops!! A great chance to get creative with your friends and family.