AAEM – Mission/Vision/Values

February 2018


The AAEM is an influential community of educators, artists and citizens
who collaborate to sustain and advance vibrant arts education for all.


The AAEM exists to:

  • Foster shared understandings of the power of authentic arts learning experiences in diverse contexts
  • Build enduring and productive relationships amongst Manitobans involved in arts education
  • Illuminate and promote the value of lifelong learning in and through the arts



We believe in building and fostering a community of Manitobans dedicated to providing and supporting high quality arts education for all. We believe in being accessible to educators, emerging and established artists and arts organizations. We strive to represent the diversity of cultural practice and artistic expression of indigenous and non-indigenous peoples in our province.

Creative Expression

We believe that the arts provide essential and powerful ways of being, knowing and communicating.  We believe in highlighting the creative work of arts learners as an authentic and powerful form of advocacy for arts education.  We believe that artistic activity drives engagement in lifelong learning and benefits all sectors of our society.


We believe that open, clear and effective communication within the arts education community is critical to its growth and success. In all of our interactions, we strive to create and maintain environments that are welcoming, safe, accessible and respectful to all.


We believe in the power and spirit of collaboration. Through collaborative action, we access and mobilize the diverse abilities, talents and strengths of our members and maximize our influence in the larger community.